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文字練習之 First trial on longboard

Testing on the longboard for the first time today, when I rode on it, I felt it was faster, smoother, and more stable than the classic board. On carving turns, I needed to put more effort, I think it was because the board was not only longer but also wider, and I have small feet, so I needed to do a larger range of heel-toe movement as well as I had to lean my body forward or backward more than when usual. I also tried to ride on some baby down slope, for the real baby ones, it was fun, but when I tried on a little bit steeper ones, it was a quite scary because it kept speeding up, I had to jump off a few times if it was a long ride.

#Skatebording #HappySkate #Day7 #純粹紀錄


#文字練習 #thoughts #Skatebording #HappySkate #純粹紀錄

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