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"I do not want to be special; I do not want to be the same either.

I just want to be different; a little difference that makes me feel my life is more fruitful and meaningful."

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Jo LEUNG Sau Yin

Jo LEUNG is a multi-talented artist who exert her creativity through dance and choreography. She is also a graphic and costume designer who also produce video installations.


In 2010, LEUNG completed her Master's Degree of Fine Art in Dance at Hollins University/American Dance Festival. Before that she has completed a Degree qualification in Modern Dance majoring in Choreography in Hong Kong. With a strong and solid background in Visual Communication, she has also broaden her aesthetic and design skill set into costume design and video installation.


Jo's most recent work 37ºC was commissioned by Hong Kong Leisure and Culture Services Department in the New Force In Motion Series. She has also been commissioned by other renowned arts organisations and festivals including the Hong Kong Arts Festival (Hong Kong/2013), OMI International Dance Collective (USA/2011) and UPSTART Festival (USA/2011). Jo's choreography was presented widely at different venues across the world including  Hong Kong, WUK in Vienna, CCN-Ballet de Lorraine in France and the American Dance Festival, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, One Arm Red in USA. 


Jo believes that a dance choreography should go beyond demonstrating body physicality, it is a form of communication that involves all the senses and feelings that we are borne with as human beings. She passionately creates dance works that are not just to be watched, but to be felt.


In order to create holistic experiences, Jo extends and translates her dance expressions through different mediums, she has designed her costumes and video installations for her own work - and other choreographers' too.



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