3 layers of breathable fabric


  • Shell: Structured Cotton or Linen
  • Middle: Thin Cotton
  • Filter Pocket: Thin Cotton (Please use this product with filter)

tinyese • handmade 立體3層布口罩

  • 外層使用較厚全棉布或全麻布
  • 中層及內層使用薄棉布

  • 附設濾芯位(可配合濾芯使用)


  • Special features

    Bendable nose wire for a perfect fit over the nose bridge. Pocket design for easy insertion or removal to extend the life of the nose wire from washing. Flexible, durable & changeable.

    Ear loop options for different needs:
    (1) Adjustable Ear loop.
    (2) Adjustable strap at the back with elastic and stopper for a comfortable fit.

    Additional stitched darts and lines on cheeks for better fitting and shaping.


    • This product is not a Surgical mask, please use this product with a filter. Options of filter provided by Dr K Kwong: https://bit.ly/3bDqy3y
    •  Please note that the pattern of the same fabric may be set differently on each mask.

    • There might be slight color tone difference between image and real product due to difference in screen resolution.

    • Due to tailor-made production, masks will be sent out around 7-10 days upon successful payment.

    • Please note that it's a handmade product, each mask varies slightly.



    2款配帶選擇:(1) 掛耳式:可調校長度。(2) 索帶款,更密封!適合怕耳仔痛人士。



    • 本產品不能代替醫科口罩,使用本產品時,請配合濾芯或醫科口罩使用。化學博士Dr. K. Kwong 有關濾芯介紹:https://bit.ly/3bDqy3y
    • 顧客不可指定內層布料花紋,敬請見諒。

    • 同款產品的花紋略有不同,顧客不可指定花紋配置。

    • 照片跟實物可能有輕微色差。

    • 訂造需時,收款後約7-10日後出貨。

    • 全人手用心製作,產品不像工廠倒模貨。

  tinyese • handmade  

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