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Lavender Flexseed Eye Pillow - Rosie

Our handmade eye pillow filled with natural Dried Lavender Blossoms and Flaxseed.  The calming aromatherapeutic feature of Lavender relieves stress and anxiety while the gentle acupressure of Flaxseed relaxes the muscles surrounding eye area.  This pillow can also be heated or cooled for deeper healing.  The 100% cotton cover is  removable and washable. 

For Heat Therapy:
Heat pillow for about 10 seconds in microwaves oven.  All microwave ovens are vary, do not overheat.
*Please handle with caution after heating.


For Cold Therapy:
Place pillow in a plastic zipper bag and place in the freezer for 1 hour. The cooled eye pillow helps to soothe a headache or reduce swelling.



Outter pillow case: 100% Cotton
Inner pillow case: 100% Fine Cotton

Filling: Lavender Butts & Flaxseeds

Eye Pillow Size:

100 x 525mm


  • Options for shipping:

    Destination within HONG KONG:

    • FREE HONG KONG Shipping by Hong Kong Post. (Please note that the delivery by Hong Kong Post may take 7-10 working days during the COVID-19 pandemic).
    • OR, courier services by SF Express (paid by receivers)

    Destination OUT of HONG KONG:

    • Courier services by Fedex (paid by buyer)

    Please note local customs charges may be requirement for payment by the customer on orders outside Hong Kong. tinyese•handmade does not take responsibility for local customs charges, loss/damage of items or any unsuccessful delivery due to incorrect address, failure to collect parcel from respective post office or collection point or the shipping address being left unattended.

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