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rewind the reverse


One Arm Red (USA)

March 2011


Brooklyn Arts Exchange

Studio D (USA)

March 2011



Duke University (East Campus) The Ark (USA)

June 2010


Im_flieger / WUK (Austria)

Feburary 2010


CCN Ballet de Lorraine (France)

Freburary 2010


Hollins University

Studio (USA)

November 2009


Choreographer / Performer / Performer (in the video) / Video Editor

Jo LEUNG Sau Yin


Performer (video) / Camera-man

Bruce WONG Chun Pong


rewind the reverse


In 2009, when Jo went to study in USA, she had a vivid realisation of existing as a singular individual, stemming from a disconnection from people whom she had close relationships with from home.


This sparked her to start exploring the concept of existing as a single individual, without knowing that this would become her subject matter for many years to come, hence the Singular Series.


This choreographic installation investigates the notion of Existence by exploring whether a person's existence is defined by its physicality, or simply an appearance in one's mind.


The piece has toured across Vienna and Nancy. It has also been selected to show in the New York Upstart Festival hosted by Brooklyn Arts Exchange. And Durham at the American Dance Festival.

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