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motion at the moment 



Duke University (East Campus) 

The Epworth (USA)

July 2010


Choreographer / Performer / Video Editor / Camera-woman

Jo LEUNG Sau Yin


Performer (video) / Camera-man

Bruce WONG Chun Pong



Ronja Ver


motion at the moment


This is the 2nd piece of Jo's Singular Series exploring the concept of existence as a singular individual.


Jo has presented a solo in combination with video installations showing in different rooms. The location dispersion within the piece was intentional, Jo has aimed to juxtapose the ultimate focused, concentrated moments which would then turn into memories a single can experience within this setting with flexible possibilities.


Jo has also experimented using minimal movements, with installations, in presenting intense emotions.


This piece was shown at the American Dance Featival in Durham in 2010.



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