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The Fringe Club, Studio Theater 

(Hong Kong)

31 May 2008


Choreographer / Performer

Rick CHEUNG Hok Leung

Elaine KWOK Hiu Ling

LAU Tin Ming

Jo LEUNG Sau Yin






A collaborated choreography between Rick Hok Leung CHEUNG, Elaine Hiu Ling KWOK, LAU Tin Ming, and Jo LEUNG.


The title suggests that it seems no one really have control about love and relationship, questions and sighs maybe what is left after all.  It is a diary of these 4 choreographers' momental experiences of love seperation.


The treatment of the piece showed intentional disconnectedness between whats going on on stage to mimic the idea that although these can be individual journey, the emotions depicted can be universal.


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