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CCDC Dance Center

Studio 7 (Hong Kong)

2 September 2007



Flora HON Ka Ching

Kelvin LAM Kin Hung

Jo LEUNG Sau Yin



Kaco KAM Ka Ki

Bruce LIU Chin Pong

Emmy WONG Sze Ling

Alan WONG Sui Lun

Cally YIP Lai Yee

A joint choreography between Kelvin Lam, Flora Hon and Jo.


Using a piece of rope as a core element, the piece aimed to investigate the hurdles and challenges one can experience during a life time and how looking at scenarios from different perspectives is part of our human instinct to live.


Commissioned by HK CCDC as part of the xxx Series, performed in Studio 7, CCDC. Kelvon, Flora and Jo then formed Off The Ground, a dance organisation, a non profit company that aimed to produce creative work that involves multi dance disciplines.

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